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You send your information to us and we will provide a noncommittal offer.

A rough price estimation for single-colored models with low complexity is also possible without CAD file. We only need the outer dimensions.
For an accurate assessment however we need a CAD File.

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The upload data files for your 3D model can have the maximum size of 25 MB. Please upload your file in zip-formate.
File formats:
The standard format for single-colored models for 3D printing is STL/STP. These files can be generated by most of the fee-based respectively free of charge CAD programs. Multi-colored models contain additional information and are stored in the WRL, the VRML or the OBJ format. Nevertheless every format can be compressed in a .zip file and we will have no problems processing them.
If you are uncertain regarding the format you are using feel free to contact us!
We are glad to help you.




Depending on file size and / or internet-connection, the upload may take a moment.


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