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technological successors: metal coating

Metallbeschichtung - metalcoatingMetal coating for optimization

METAL COATED plastics are covered with a defined layer of a special copper and nickel mixture and have modified, especially desired characteristics. It is an expensive method which is not suitable for series production.


Scope for metal coating

sample, functional and design parts made with laser sintering from polyamide
SLA parts made from varying plastics

for very high standards regarding strength and stiffness
for the significant increase of the temperature resistance
for the improvement of electrical conductivity
for the improvement of thermal conductivity
for the prevention of plastic deformation under load
for the shielding against electromagnetic fields
for the resistance against aggressive and corrosive influences
as replacement for pressure die-casting parts
for a metallic appearance
for especially demanding design objects.

Attention – especially well-suited for single pieces.



Die Metallisierung erfolgt durch Kupfer und Nickel in variablen Volumenanteilen.
Die Eigenschaften der Verbundbauteile resultieren direkt aus dem Verhältnis der drei enthaltenen Komponenten.


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