• summer

    Enjoy some wonderful summer days!

    your team of

  • PBT

    So now PBT too.

    The series material from injection molding.
    Highly detailed and stable.
    So that everthing can be assessed
    as ready for series production right from the start...

    Lasersintered by us, of course.

  • Webshop

    now brand new:


    just try it!

  • HP 580 colour

    Colorprint by HP

    What do you need this for?
    So many application options...
    especially in the technical field.

    Get inspired by us!

  • HP MJF

    Creabis GmbH

    Your professional 3D printing provider.
    For single parts or small series.
    Now with the second HP Multi Jet Fusion...

    We can do it!

  • HP MJF

    Polypropylene PP

    Have you seen it before?
    Beautifully smooth surfaces
    and light white...

    In this material!

  • Kugel

    Special refinements

    Even if grey parts have to become shiny?
    We have a solution in various colors.

    Choose your style!

  • glasses


    We manufacture eyeglasses-
    as individual as the people

    for whom they are intended!

  • Serie

    Small series

    If injection moulds are not economical,
    we build identical parts for you.

    No matter how many you need!

  • TPU


    Sometimes it has to be special.
    Then you are right here.

    With our portfolio we have the solution!

  • Kugeln

    Success stories

    Innovative ideas have their own dynamics.
    We are happy to accompany you-

    and support you throughout the entire process!

To our webshop or call us at: +49 89 9810 5520

We print prototypes, models, functional models and small batch series made from plastic on our Multi Jet Fusion 4210 and our lasersintering machines.
Also and especially in times of Corona reliable in high quality.

We live 3D ... faster, better & fair!

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Your 3D object should have been ready by yesterday? That is not possible – even with us.
But we are especially fast if you want it. We are able to take urgent orders, process them quickly and send them on schedule. We can guarantee this because we process the orders in-house with our own machines and 3D printers.
That is moreover how we manage to offer you these low prices

Good to know about us

What we want

What we want

We are convinced - of the technologies, the materials and the possibilities...

Who we are

Who we are

You can benefit from our more than 20 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge ...

Take a look behind our scenes

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