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what we want

Our idea and our vision.

Future is now and we are on board.

The additive manufacturing methods with their enormous possibilities amaze us and we believe in them. And we think that they can help making production processes faster, easier, more efficient and more economical. That is what we promote and what  we are committed to – every day.

Meanwhile 3D printing was able to establish itself in the world of manufacturing technologies. Thus the first and most important step has been taken.

Now it is important to use the different methods and materials for the right, specific case. Normally it is not as easy as often claimed to create a sample part with the desired characteristics, but we know the business, even have the experience of years of working in this branch, share knowledge every day, are open for further developments and innovations and actively search for interesting trends.

We are present in the market and know the business!

We have learned that a lot of users would like to have qualified information about technical possibilities and limits of different manufacturing methods, so we made it our duty to provide competent, neutral and detailed consultancy for the Creabis’ clients in order to create a salable product from a product idea without obstacles.


The requirements keep getting more complicated – we offer solutions..

Next to the industrial prototype production, individual products – single pieces as well as small series - become more and more popular.
A huge demand comes up and the users run the risk of losing track of all providers. So the Creabis GmbH offer well-functioning and safe production chains, starting with a high-quality and innovative CAD design, followed by the suitable material and technology choice and ending with the high-quality surface finishing. For every individual desire!

Challenge us – we look forward to getting to know you!!

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