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On board from the very start.

Since he has been studying physics at the RWTH Aachen Ralf Deuke was fascinated from lasers and laser technologies. In the mid-1990s modern machines roused his interest for additive manufacturing where lasers selectively cured liquid synthetic resin. A passion was born.

With colleagues he founded an innovative, internationally set up service company for stereolithography and laser sintering applications at which he very successfully took care of sales, production and development for more than 15 years.

The new millennium brought changes for the market that directly led to new requirements for 3D manufacturing. As a pioneer of the 3D printing and rapid prototyping branch Ralf Deuke reacts with the foundation of a new company – the Creabis GmbH launches in 2011 near Munich.

Innovative materials and production processes are his focus in this young company in order to have the perfect answers to the various challenges.
„After nearly 20 years of experience with these technologies I am clearly convinced that they still have great potential.”, says Ralf Deuke who daily works on varying orders for prototypes, models, design objects and small batch series with his highly motivated team.


Technical know-how + individual consultancy = core competence


Creabis-team’s main focus lays on the perfect satisfaction of customer’s requirements.

Geschäftsführer Ralf DeukeAccording to CEO Ralf Deuke this is only possible with the specific use of different technologies and materials
”By conviction I believe in excellent training and continuous further education for my employees. This is the only way to provide individual consultancy and project support for the customer in the beginning and deliver the perfect component in the end.”


Einer der Ansprechpartner im Vertrieb der Creabis GmbHAll incoming requests are quickly and competent processed by the sales department. For every requirement – regarding material characteristics as well as regarding the technologies – a suitable solution will be found.

Thereby the Creabis GmbH stands for short communication routes, fast order processing, transparent price policy and comprehensive know-how.



The close networking with qualified partner companies – grown over many years of cooperation – guarantees the customers that the Creabis GmbH is always informed regarding innovative insights into ynew production methods, new materials and their characteristics as well as so far unknown use cases.

“We are always up-to-date, close to the market and are able to provide our clients with the newest trends.”, Ralf Deuke is promising. “That’s why not only customers from the automotive, aerospace and model- and tool-manufacturing sector trust in us but as well architects and designers who just started to work with CAD solutions.”


Challenge us – we look forward to getting to know you!


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